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Dr.PGV Institutions

Culture, Character and Confidence are the managed vision of the school in imparting education to its wards. A direction towards this goal is in the method of imparting education in the classrooms. Students are encouraged to trust teachers as mentors and involve in dialogue with them that will help them transcend boundaries limited by classroom conditioning.

Abstract learning concepts from in and around student environments are broung into the classrooms for discussion and debate which help the students concretize such concepts and further enrich them with the knowledge of their surrounds. Meaning and relative constructs of the human self are integrated in the learning system through valule education, discussion and debate that help students understand social and cultural sensitivites and build their character.

Core subject based learning is given equal importance ensuring student competitiveness in the marketplace - a fact that is often reinforced when the PGV School Students compete well and bring credit to the institution at

various public & inter-school forums. Elocution, essay-writing, public speaking exercises are the mani stay of the confidence building activity the student is exposed to. This ensures their success in the competitive arena.

The institution's secular character helps students build high levels of social tolerance and acceptance of each others faith and belief as complimentary to their own. The celebration of all festivals in school campus. exposes student to various cultures and to help create bonding amongst themselves, sustaining fundamentals of mutual con-existence.

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